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Bootlegger Run is a retro-styled action/adventure game set on a planet that’s being terraformed by human colonist on one side and being mined by the Vacuous Corp on the other side. The game is currently in-development game at wrong.dog studios and all the images on this page are game play captures. We will be updating this page as the game develops.

Opening – Stranded

You were making a run to the outer terraforming colonies when you’re carrier goes down behind company lines. You’ll need to escort the transport past the drone patrols to the access pipes so you can deliver it to the colonist and find a way off-planet.

Outlands Habitable Camp 72

After making it through the pipes, escort the transport into the camp and explore. You’ll find upgrades for your Dragonfly and find work.

72 Sandpiles Overwatch

Company drones have taken out the colonists shield core they need you to escort a team behind company lines and protect the team while they steal one.

Ambiplasma Run

If you want to make it off-planet, you’re going to need a lot of credits. Ambiplasma brings a good price on the black market, but you’ll need to raid company stocks and make it back without dying to collect.

The Pipes

Fill your credits and you can make your way to the Pipes, a midland regional hub town.

Dark Matters

Ambiplasma is a good start, but if you want to bribe your way to the hub city, then you’re gonna need to raise the stakes. Sneak into the company processing facility and take what you can.

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