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Our modular building kit for Unity allows you to quickly build houses, shacks, shanties and other structures that look great next to water. The high-resolution textures (4k png) and bright colors will make these on any landscape.

All the screenshots and videos presented here were taken from Unity scenes made using only this modular building kit and the Unity Standard Assets.

What’s Included?

This kit includes over 30 prefab structures in a variety of houses, cottages and shacks with rustic interiors and furnishings. You can use the structures as-is, or you can extend them or build new ones using prefab building components. These parts snap together to create new structures quickly.

  • Floors – selection of floor and walkway prefabs in a variety of wood textures.
  • Furniture – over 50 rustic furnishing prefabs, including benches, tables, chairs and ladders in a variety of colors.
  • Houses – a variety of completed houses, shacks, cottages and structured in a variety of colors and styles. Just drag house prefabs into your scene and they’re ready to use.
  • Pieces – Basic building primitive prefabs, like wood panels and boards.
  • Roofs – Full and half roofs ready to be used in building new structures.
  • Shells – House shells ready to be used as starters in new structures.
  • Supports – House and dock stilts for raising new structures above the waterline.
  • Walls – Wall prefabs in a variety of colors and textures, ready to be used in building new structures or customizing existing structures.

Lake Houses

Shacks & Fishing Cottages

Beach Houses

Beach Shacks

Interiors & Furnishings

Infinite Possibilities

All the parts are included to let you build out a sleepy fishing village or populate a tropical landscape. There are prefabs for roofs, platforms, docs, walkways, walls, benches, tables, couches, chairs, beds, steps, stairs, floors and more. The high-resolution (4k textures) provide vibrant graphics.


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