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The Etherial civilization has spent the last millennia in peace and prosperity and you have become an ancient relic from the long ago ages of war. You’ve weathered the centuries on your perch in constant vigil and when invaders appear in the northern sky, you are the only line of defense.

The Last Turret is a casual shooter game that you can play just with one hand! You play as an ancient, but powerful, turret whose only job is to protect the Etherians from the invaders. Upgrade your weapons and defend the cities, over-watch convoys as the Etherians flee falling cities and finally attack the mothership and drive the invaders back into the sky.

Gameplay – Progression

The Last Turret features linear progression through levels: just hold the fort defend the allies against multiple attack waves to clear each level. If you get stuck, you can always go back and play previously cleared levels to earn upgrade credits.

Gameplay – Weapons & Upgrades

The Last Turret is a free game without any real-world monetary transactions, so you can not buy credits with cash. Credits (cr) are in-game currency that are earned through gameplay:

  • Get 1 point for each round that damages an enemy invader
  • Get points for each invader destroyed, the amount depends on the invaders strenth.
  • Get points for each ally defended.

Burst Gun:
This is the primary fire weapon and is a burst of fast flying laser fire.

  • Damage – This limits the amount of damage each burst round has the potential of doing to each enemy it hits.
  • Force – This governs how fast the burst round is fired out of the barrel. Since each round has a limited lifespan before it deteriorates, this will also govern how far each round reaches.
  • Rounds – In its default state, burst gun fires 3 lazer rounds per burst, but you can upgrade that in exhange for credits.
  • Barrels: Double or triple your fire-power with additional barrels.
Escort Mission
Escort the survivors to safety.

FLAK Cannon:
The FLAK cannon fires an exploding shell that spreads damage over a large area.

  • Damage – This limits the amount of damage that the FLAK round does to enemy ships in its explosion radius
  • Radius – This governs the area of damage and allows you to extend the coverage.
  • Cooldown – It takes time to get FLAK rounds ready to fire, reduce that time with this upgrade.
Defend against giant invaders.

Seeker Missile:
This round will chase down the closest target and damage them through the duration of its lifetime.

  • Damage – Increase the damage potential of each round.
  • Speed – Increase the rounds speed, which is essential to catch up with faster targets.
  • Cooldown – It takes time to get seeker rounds ready to fire, reduce that time with this upgrade.

Gameplay – Level Types

There are currently 2 basic level types: overwatch and onslaught.

Onslaught – As a stationary turret, defend your allies against oncoming waves of alien invaders.

Overwatch – On a moving platform, defend your allies as they make their way to safety.

Game Status

This game is currently in active development and is expected to enter early access on Steam in late March, 2020.

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