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developer_mode_tv reckoning

What am I doing here? After 25 years spent writing software in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, I wanted to make a space to introspect on technology and the world. In my time, there have been massive changes in technology, both in how we develop and use it. The pace will only accelerate as we move forward, and it's worth taking the time to reckon with that - so I'll be jotting some of my own reckoning down here.

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Ficus Homebrew Computer & OS from modern MCUs

I've been working on a homebrew computer using microcontrollers arranged in a custom hardware architecture and an operating system to drive it. It's been a non-linear journey that started with curiosity about how operating systems worked and took me down several Rabbit holes to end up with a piece that I'm pretty proud of. Most of all, it reminded me of how much I have left to learn...


Revisiting Perl in 2023

I went down this particular rabbit-hole as a distraction when I wondered: What's going on with Perl these days? It used to be my favorite programming language, and I asked what it would be like to try and pick it back up after almost 20 years.